Are Leaf Guards Worth The Money?

You might be weighing your options, or you might be wondering are leaf guards even worth the money in the first place? Well, with all the benefits that come with installing them, there’s really only one answer: They definitely are!

While leaf guards do have an upfront cost, the time and money you’ll save in the long run is well worth the price. From safety to maintenance, here are some of the best reasons to install leaf guards:

One and Done!

Put away the ladder and never worry about gutter maintenance again!Every day, hundreds of people are injured (and in many cases permanently disabled) in ladder accidents. While most of these come about in workplaces, why add the extra risk to your life? Installing gutter guards means you never have to climb up to the roof to dig out leaves ever again. Go ahead and stow that ladder in the shed, for good!

Goodbye Maintenance Costs!

Most homeowners (should) clean out their gutters around twice a year, but many also don’t want to do it themselves. This is great for avoiding any potential accidents, but a little less great for the wallet!

A gutter cleaning service can cost anywhere between $100 and $250 on average. So, if you opt for gutter guards instead, you’re potentially saving up to $500 a year!

Minimize Water Damage!

While $500 might sound like you’re saving a lot already, that’s nothing compared to the cost of repairing water damage.

When gutters get clogged with leaves, pine needles, and other debris, it creates a pooling effect for the water. This can cause a ton of additional problems like leaks in the roof, damage to surrounding structures, and even damage to the home’s foundation itself.

Water also contributes to the next issue that gutter guards help solve.

Protect Your Home From Mold!

While leaks and water damage are a one way ticket to mold and mildew (usually within 48 hours), that’s not the only way a clogged gutter can create it.

The most common natural debris you’ll find clogging your gutters are also the ones that contain mold spores. So, while water damage can create mold inside your home, the leaves and dirt can create it outside as well!

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Added Fire Safety!

If you choose a metal gutter guard, you’re already choosing the less combustible material for your home. However, that’s far from the only fire-preventing benefit.

While debris isn’t likely to spontaneously catch fire in the gutter itself, it does pack your home with kindling-like material. When leaves and twigs get stuck in the gutter, they dry out and become a serious fire hazard.

Fire is dangerous enough already. You don’t need to give it any extra fuel!

Pest Control!

Along with keeping out birds, snakes, and rodents, gutter guards also help reduce the most annoying of summer insects: Mosquitos.

Mosquitos breed in pooled water, and a small puddle can quickly turn into thousands of the little suckers. Gutter guards will ensure proper flow and give them as little chance to reproduce as possible.

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