Located north of Simcoe Country, Muskoka is one of the places people mean when they say “cottage country”.

Cameron Bros has been providing top-tier gutter and eavestrough services to Muskoka since 2011. How? By staying on top of new innovations, surrounding ourselves with the best people, and giving our clients honest, transparent, and excellent work.

Gutter Cleaning

Cameron Bros offers gutter cleaning services that will clear away debris and can even help you seal and reinforce to prevent future water, mold, or mildew damage.

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Gutter Replacement

Sometimes you just need new gutters and eavestroughs! The Cameron Bros team are experts at replacing the old, cracked, and tired, with the new, pristine, and functional.

Gutter Guards

Cameron Bros wants to end your gutter maintenance for life. We do this through cutting-edge LeafBlaster Pro technology. With a 40-year warranty, incredible durability, and the ability to fit any roof, these gutter guards will keep you off the ladder, for good!
The breathtaking scenery and natural beauty you’ll find in Muskoka is something to behold. So much so that it is consistently named as one of the best places to visit in publications such as National Geographic and Reader’s Digest.
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If you need gutter cleaning, gutter replacement, or gutter guard services in Muskoka, there’s one team you know you can trust, and that’s Cameron Bros.

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