Over A Decade Of Experience

Hauling out a ladder and climbing up to the roof to clear out your gutters is not something most people like doing. Strangely enough, we do. That’s why Cameron Bros has been helping people clean their gutters.

We know how much trouble a clogged gutter can cause, from mold and leaks to foundational damage. That’s why Cameron Bros has a mission to end eavestrough maintenance for life. Whether that’s by doing it ourselves, or by installing state-of-the-art gutter guards like LeafBlaster Pro.

Also, the “Bros” in Cameron Bros really matters. We don’t hire contractors for our work and everyone on our team has earned that spot through hard-work, service, and dedication.

You hire Cameron Bros, you get Cameron Bros.

Our Values


What’s cutting edge today, might not be tomorrow. We understand that, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best of the best.


We believe that offering opportunity makes for a happy team, which leads to the best possible workmanship for your home.


From lifetime warranties to our next-day guarantee, Cameron Bros’ customer service is unmatched.

Our Team

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Sean Cameron

Owner/operator, daily management.
Elite PRO installer, master of business

I have always loved working for myself. Daily thanking and giving praise to the lord has brought me here working with my brothers and family friends.

I have been trained and certified in roofing, and trainee and certified in all divisions in the industry leading Leaf Blaster PRO. I have insurance, wsib, fall arrest, and all certificates to operate day to day machinery.

Graduated high school and further pursued real estate. Longing for my own business in eavestroughing, I perused my own company working to protect homeowners from the unknown.

I have been in the HVAC field for 4 years, then pursued real estate. Further on owned 2 stores in Barrie and Orillia. Afterwards knew I had a longing to protect people’s homes from the weather conditions and perused cameron bros furthermore I am located in my hometown Alliston and have lived here since birth.

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Ron James

Logistics manager

Living life to the fullest and enjoying friends and family as much as possible.
I have my licence to operate most motor vehicles if we need to use a boom, or heavy equipment, I’m the one to do so with Cameron bros. I also manage the day to day logistics.

I have my degree in business, and have been working with Cameron bros since they started out. I have done many job positions but please note. Working for the brothers has given me so much.

I currently live in Barrie, and have always lived here

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David Ashton

Elite PRO installer

Working with Cameron Bros has taught me a lot about myself and the journey I have taken with them. I have overcome many things in my life working with my best friend since I was 20.

My skill set is Elite installer, given my certificate gained access to working side by side with the Cameron bros. I have been one of their top installers since day one.

After graduating high school I obtained my degree in carpentry but knew it wasn’t for me after a few years. I have been with Cameron Bros every since and have developed one of the best installer profiles in the game.
Being in carpentry taught me a lot about myself. Learning the ins and outs, and growing myself as a person. Moving on after 5 years to Cameron Bros, they showed me everything I needed to succeed and here I am today.

I currently live in Alliston and have not moved since I was born here. My family and friends all live here so I don’t see a point in moving away.

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Peter Cameron

Master Installer - PRO RATED

My passion has always been to work hard, get ahead in life and to pursue goals I have always longed for. Working side by side with my brothers has truly been a gift and has always given me the edge when working with projects.
I have trained with some of the best trainers in Canada and have obtained my Masters installers licence, Fall arrest, installers PRO certificate.

Graduated high school and pursued landscaping fresh out of high school. Working with others taught me self goals and discipline to adjust to everyday work life.

I have many certificates in Landscaping, and working side by side with my brothers we have obtained our PRO certification for installing our Leaf Blaster PRO leaf protection. We all have done our fall arrests, and have had insurance and wsib since I was 20 fresh out of high school.

I currently live in Alliston, born and raised.

roofers alliston

Murray Cameron

Master Installer - PRO RATED

Working for Cameron bros contracting has always been a dream of ours to work together as a family. Giving people the best, and being as professional as we can possibly be has given me the dignity and confidence to be able to succeed in business alongside my brothers.

As a master installer I am trained, certified and have my Master installers licence to work with our premium products. I have WSIB, insurance, fall arrest and all accents to assure our clients we are not messing around!

Graduating high school in our small town of Alliston grew me as a person. Giving me the expertise to optimize my situation going forward to attending business college. After graduating we worked together at cameron bros to give everyone a proper product
Before Cameron bros I worked side by side with Sean working for the very large competition. Quickly after noticed the untruthful words and behaviour we quickly left to pursue our dream working together and running cameron bros.

I currently live in my hometown of Alliston Ontario, and do not plan to leave.

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